Living With Arthritis – Benita Zahn, 07/07/16

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Living With Arthritis – Benita Zahn, 07/07/16
Benita Zhan

“Use it or lose it” is especially true when it comes to range of motion for people living with arthritis. It may seem counterintuitive to those living with the pain who may be more inclined to do nothing, but nothing begets more pain and limitations. Walking and swimming have been shown to keep you moving, lessen pain and strengthen the muscles around affected joints. You might try dancing, as it keeps you flexible, improving range of motion. You should also consider aerobic exercise, like bike riding, which is easy on the joints and good for the heart and muscles. It also helps keep your weight down, which reduces the stress on your aching joints. And don’t forget weight training. Like walking, it strengthens muscles to support your joints. The National Institute on Aging has created the Go4Life campaign to help you stay mobile and healthy. For more pointers on staying active while managing your arthritis, check out

Benita Zahn, DPS-Bioethics

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