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Don’t Stop Moving
Benita Zhan

For the second year in a row, I competed in a triathlon. I traveled with some other local women, the Upstate Warriors, as we’re called, to the Gateway National Seashore in Sandy Hook. The course for the swim looked great, well-marked, and I had a mental game plan to tackle the first leg of the event. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. Just as we were about to get into the water, the swim was cancelled. The race director deemed the water too rough, the current too strong. The fallback plan: run two miles to replace the swim, then onto the planned bike race. We still had a great time. The point in sharing the story is to ask, “What’s your fallback plan when shorter days and chillier temperatures threaten to derail your summertime exercise routine?” It’s easy to get out and walk, run, bike, swim or play tennis during the warm months. Now what? No. 1, don’t stop moving. No. 2, dress for the conditions. No. 3, join an indoor facility and don’t forget to check your local school district, as many offer indoor exercise options. No. 4, join a group. Research is clear: Those who have a sense of responsibility to others in the group are more likely to show up. No. 5, try something new. Perhaps it’s yoga, cross-fit, spinning. Remember, a body in motion stays in motion.

Benita Zahn, DPS-Bioethics

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