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Jewish New Year
Benita Zhan

A friend of our family recently died. He was too young to leave this earth. There were many who mourned him, people he probably never thought would be bereft at his passing. As we approach the Jewish New Year, his death reminds me, should remind us all, about the need to embrace celebrations, because the moments of delight in our lives are too easily obscured by life’s demands. There’s work, bills to pay, schedules keep, world worries that press down on us. But without taking time to delight, our lives become one long slog. I’m a proponent of pausing every day to breathe, smile and count a blessing or two. There’s plenty of research showing gratitude and happiness rev up our immune system. So how does this tie in to the Jewish New Year and the celebration of Rosh Hashonah? We can point to a holiday and say, ‘that’s not my celebration’. Or we can point and say, ‘while it may not be mine, there may be something to be learned from it’. So as the Jewish calendar is about to turn a page and welcome 5777, I encourage you to consider embracing the new year, review how things have been going the past few months, chart a course for change you would like to see and take a few moments to celebrate with loved ones.

Benita Zahn, DPS-Bioethics

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